Online Class Experience

Prof. John Drobak, WUSTL School of Law. Photos by Joe Angeles

On reviewing some graduate proposals, one in particular caught my eye: the dual degree program — a Master of Law and a Master of International Corporate Law — offered by the School of Government and Public Transformation1 at Tecnológico de Monterrey in partnership with Washington University School of Law. I first became somewhat skeptical after noticing that the program is taught completely online, since I had always had the impression that virtual platforms cannot guarantee the academic quality of a face-to-face program. So, to find out more, I decided to sit in on a session without registering.

I attended the class called “Collective Action” taught by Dr. John Drobak, within the framework of the Civil Procedure subject. During the session, Dr. Drobak explained the meaning of the concept of Collective Action or Class Action through examples like a plane crash, the spread of HIV in the United States, or the working and salary conditions at Walmart and at other consortiums. I was surprised by how active and dynamic the participation was among everyone present in the virtual room.

All of this piqued my curiosity, especially about the quality of the program’s faculty. On reading Dr. Drobak’s biography, I realized how outstanding he and all the other instructors were — Dr. Drobak, for instance, is a lawyer educated at Stanford University, has worked for the California Court of Appeals, and has been a professor at the United States Business School in Prague, where he taught in the first MBA program for Eastern and Central European students.

I thoroughly enjoyed the online session. Its organization and the clarity of the platform allowed me to easily identify the key points of the topic addressed, despite not having the support materials that the registered participants were using. I was also pleasantly surprised by how user friendly and interactive the online platform is. You can see each of the students and the instructor, and you can participate just like in any face-to-face classroom. What is more, the enthusiasm of the students and their profiles are inspiring, since most of the students study and work full time, too.

I fully recommend that you learn more about the program here:

1 Pending approval by the Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP), the degree conferred will be the Master of International Corporate Law – LL.M. Enrolled students will receive a Master of Juridical Practice (MPJ).